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How the cooking saloon was born


I was inspired to cook from the cooking shows on the television. TV programs that featured “cook offs”, where two candidates face off with the support of an expirienced chef to prepare a multi-course menu with ingredients provided by the candidates and could not exceed a total price of EUR 10. In addition to that, I also was inspired by reading cooking books and magazines, studying menus and visiting cooking seminars, Through this I am a self-thaught cook. Of course, my grandmother and mother also helped influence me through their passion and knowledge of cooking.

Already as a child, watched my grandmother as she prepared Liptauer, an Austrian specialty made of plums and finely-ground paprika, and homemade gingerbread after an old family receipt. While scraping out “forbidden” the pastry, I realized that I did not have to write down any recipes to cook you later. Unlike in school, I found it very easy to remember recipes and I got a feeling for which ingredients could fit and harmonize. Therefore, apart from desert, I do not cook according to instructions. I get ideas and suggestions from the sources described above, and by creativity, intuition and improvisation to create something special.

As a student my refrigerator was often empty. Nevertheless, I have always managed make something out of the little available, but still something to put on the table, which was not only sufficient but also tasted good as well. I think that everyone has talent and passions, whose application and execution is easy, almost intuitive. In my case, I think these traits come through when I am cooking. For me cooking is passion, creativity, intuition, enjoyment, a dive into another world and relaxing in one. It took me until I was forty-five years old to have the courage to do exactly what I enjoy, give me a sense of inner satisfaction, inspire and motivate me, and feel like I’m doing the right thing in life.

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