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Our Story


Barbara & Christian Frass LaGioiella Tuscanyspirits

My wife, Barbara and I, have known each other since we were in school. We got married in the year 2014 after losing contact for 25 years.  At our 25th reunion we crossed pathes and since then have been together.

I studied at the University of Vienna School Economics and Business Administration. After completing my studies, I worked for an international auditing company. Subsequently, I was able to gain experience in private equity business. This path led me to being the chief financial officer at a software company, which I managed after a successful reorganization, until its sale to a financial investor. In search of a new challenge, my path led me to Tuscany. My interest aside business and politics has always been cooking. My previous professional experience strengthened me in my confidence to follow my passion.

During her studies in architecture at the University of Vienna School Technology, my wife Barbara studied abroad in Florence. She wrote her diploma thesis on the implementation of the „PINICAL“ shipbuilding system, developed by her father, for three-dimensionally curved roof structures in architecture. This has resulted in very interesting projects, such as the roof structure of the Ferrari Museum in the Italian city of Modena.

Inspired by her two sons, she dealt with the teaching and learning methods of Maria Montessori. From the establishment and operation of her own Montessori school, she gained a lot of experience. She organized mathematics, astronomy and construction courses for children and teachers with specially developed learning materials.

Fate led us to this charming house in Tuscany, in which we fell in love with it from the start.

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